Munique Yoga Therapy Health Questionnaire

Please fill out one of these forms prior to attending a course or workshops both in-person or online with Muna Roberts.

Munique Yoga Therapy Health Questionnaire

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Munique Yoga Therapy honours your privacy, and complies with GDPR regulations – for more information, please refer to policy information on our website ( All information is confidential, and every effort will be made to ensure that your identity is protected. All discussions between yoga therapist and client are strictly confidential. There are, however, some limitations to confidentiality that you need to be aware of: as your yoga therapist, I reserve the right to break confidentiality and contact the appropriate services should I consider you to be at risk of harm to yourself or to/from others. I will make every effort to discuss this with you before taking any action. Any personal information given to us on this form is held securely by your therapist only. It will only be used for the purpose of providing safe yoga therapy and will never be passed to a third-party. The information you have given on this form will be destroyed within 7 years.
By signing this form, I confirm that all to the best of my knowledge all the information provided in this form is accurate and up to date. I understand that yoga is a practice which involves physical movement, breathing, and meditation, which induces specific physiological and psychological changes. I represent that to the best of my knowledge and belief I am able to participate in these aforementioned activities. In the event that I am unsure or if I have questions regarding these practices I will speak to my doctor and my yoga therapy practitioner to receive further counsel and will follow his/her advice. I understand that yoga therapy does involve movement and that like with any physical practice, in the unlikely event that injury occurs, I will not hold my Yoga Therapist liable. I hereby assume full responsibility for any risk or injury, arising out of or related to my participation and or instruction in yoga therapy. Whilst it can be hugely beneficial, I know that yoga therapy is not a substitute for any care I may be receiving from a professional primary health care provider and that it is advisable to continue any therapy work, in conjunction with yoga therapy. I understand that if a yoga therapy session is conducted online, I am responsible for my own health and well-being during the entire session. I understand it is my responsibility to safely set up my own space with which to undertake the session. It is my responsibility to follow the directions given to me by the trainee yoga therapist, if for any reason I feel these directions feel they do not meet my needs, I must immediately alert the trainee yoga therapist, while jointly ceasing any practice that feels it is not of benefit to me. I fully understand that any practitioner or therapist recommended to me, or to whom I am referred, by any partner or employee of the Munique Yoga Therapy is not an employee, agent or affiliate of the Munique Yoga Therapy, and neither Munique Yoga Therapy nor its partners or employees are liable for any act or omission of any such practitioner or therapist. I understand that I am responsible for notifying my yoga therapist of any changes to my health or medical conditions that may affect the treatment carried out by the yoga therapist.
We have a 24-hour cancellation policy – appointments not cancelled or cancelled on the day of your session are charged in full. If the client arrives late he/she will be entitled to the remaining time of the treatment. Should the therapist arrive less than 15 minutes late for your treatment she will still carry out the treatment for the full amount of time that you have booked. Should the therapist arrive more than 15 minutes late or have to cancel a treatment with less than 24 hours notice you will be entitled to a complimentary session.